joshandjo began life as a travel blog, tracking the adventures of an Aussie couple meandering through Europe in 2012. Deeply in the grip of the travel bug, we took a second break from corporate life in 2013 to venture across South and Central America.

How It Began
It all began with our honeymoon. A week relaxing in Tahiti followed by two weeks driving around New Zealand’s north island. As we drove to Wellington airport we mused about travelling on to the next place, rather than home and back to work. Musing turned into planning. Planning turned into research. Research turned into plane tickets. Two Round-the-World journeys later our list of places to see has expanded rather than diminished.

Top 3 (ok 5) destinations
Budapest (Hungary)
Galapagos Islands
Antigua (Guatemala)
Peru (all of it)
Cinque Terre (Italy)

Top adventures

Trekking in the Carpathian mountains, Romania
Camino de Santiago de Compostela
The Roraima Trek, Venezuela
High Inca Trail, Peru

Things learnt along the way
To be lightweight travellers
Life is for living
It pays to be organised and well-researched, with room to be flexible and open to adventures along the way
We should have learnt Spanish
I don’t react to bed bugs; he does.

A well ingrained travel bug and an urge to do it all over again
The reality of working life has us grounded for the moment. Josh has taken the maximum time off from his training provider, so we are limited to normal sized adventures for the next two years. Oh yeah, the travel ‘mortgage’ doesn’t help things either!

Probably our next adventure will be back to the UK. We have an urge to walk coast-to-coast following Hadrian’s Wall. South Africa and Madagascar are on the list too.

Join us as we share our adventures, food experiences and general flashpacking life.


Josh and Jo. The turtle life.

Josh and Jo. The turtle life.


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