4 Great Sites of Turkey’s Aegean Coast

Turkey’s Aegean Coast has a rich history of coastal occupation and influence by Greek and Roman civilisations. The rich agriculture and strategic alignment of land and sea trade routes encouraged the settlement and construction of many significant metropolises, including Ephesus, Pergamon, Hierapolis and Troy. Architecture narrates their stories indelibly on the landscape: humble beginnings, battles for territory and access, expansion, glory and ultimate demise. Continue reading



Throughout our travels, nearly every person we met who’d been to Istanbul proclaimed it as his or her favourite city. With the benchmark set so high, we made our way from Bulgaria to Istanbul on Metro bus-lines not knowing quite what to expect. Coming into the outskirts of the city we realised what a huge metropolis Istanbul is, spanning two continents and stretching further than the eye can see. The skyline is beautiful and evocative, with minarets and sparkling coast vying for your attention. Continue reading


Of all the places we have visited, ANZAC Cove on the Gallipoli peninsula in Turkey remains in the forefront of my memory. Perhaps because of its beautiful and serene coastline and wildly rugged and windswept cliffs. The beauty of the site jars with the horror and devastation that occurred there. Continue reading