Remembering Prague

Prague was the city of my dreams. It sat in my imagination as a Romantic ideal, somewhere exotic and richly historic that I longed to see. Situated on the Vltava River, the old town of Praha is overlooked by the magnificent palace complex, Hrad Praha (Prague Castle).

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A whole week in Berlin could not do the city justice. In planning our trip we decided that Germany and France were both countries which deserved a greater amount of time than we had available. So we have picked key cities only, with the intent to return at a later date. Continue reading


Writing this from our lovely flat in Brussels through Air BnB. It’s day 3 here, heading off to Rotterdam tomorrow to stay with Lauren.

Despite the relatively close distance and intertwined histories, Brussels has a very different architectural look to Paris. Where the architecture in Paris is mostly white/cream with grey roofs, here in Brussels it is a lot more red/terracotta colours. Continue reading