Romania – part 2: Carpathian Culture tour

Researching Romania I came across a week-long hiking trip through the Carpathian Mountains with UK company Exodus. They are an adventure tour company who run short-term trips for all levels of adventure lovers. A little unsure what we were signing ourselves up for (7 days of mountainous hiking – were we mad?), the ‘Carpathian Culture’ tour turned out to be one of the absolute highlights of our trip. I was sure I was going to die from lack of fitness on multiple occasions, but loved the experience in spite of myself. Continue reading


A whole week in Berlin could not do the city justice. In planning our trip we decided that Germany and France were both countries which deserved a greater amount of time than we had available. So we have picked key cities only, with the intent to return at a later date. Continue reading

Paris 2

Continuing Paris…

We made an early visit to l’Arc du Triomphe to avoid the inevitable crowds. Lucky for us our legs have slowly been attuning to the multitude of circular stone stairwells that abound key Parisienne sites. It was fun to watch the chaos of drivers negotiating the road around l’Arc. Continue reading


Writing this from our lovely flat in Brussels through Air BnB. It’s day 3 here, heading off to Rotterdam tomorrow to stay with Lauren.

Despite the relatively close distance and intertwined histories, Brussels has a very different architectural look to Paris. Where the architecture in Paris is mostly white/cream with grey roofs, here in Brussels it is a lot more red/terracotta colours. Continue reading